Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) Going To Combine Two Features Into One- Facebook Live 360 Videos

Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) [Trend Analysis] knocking active thrust in leading trading session, shares an increase of 2.16% to 120.31 with around 29.57 Million shares have changed hands in this session. Facebook (FB) at the beginning of 2016 added Live video streaming to the platform which gradually rolled out to everyone. The company also added support for 360 degree videos to its app. Now, Facebook has combined two features into one – Facebook Live 360 videos.

In separate news, Instagram has started rolling out Live videos on Stories to all users in the US. The social network on Monday introduced 360 degree Facebook Live videos. It will be accessible to Pages via the Live API in the coming months. Facebook also confirmed that the Live 360 videos will be rolling out broadly for all Pages and Profiles in 2017.

The company has tied-up with National Geographic to debut the new Live 360 video on Facebook. The first Live 360 video from National Geographic will show seven space scientists from around the world living in pods simulating every aspect of life on Mars, including total isolation from humanity. Facebook confirms that the Live 360 video will also include Q&A sessions where a line-up of science experts, writers and thinkers will take questions from the Facebook audience. The stock is going forward its fifty-two week low with 34.62% and lagging behind from its 52-week high price with -9.88%.

Similar, the positive performance for the quarter recorded as -5.84% and for the year was 14.95%, while the YTD performance remained at 14.95%. FB has Average True Range for 14 days of 2.73.

Shares of The New Ireland Fund, Inc. (NYSE:IRL) [Trend Analysis] swings enthusiastically in regular trading session, it an increase of 0.05% to close at $12.14. The New Ireland Fund, Inc. (NYSE:IRL) declared that it will pay on December 30, 2016, a distribution of US$0.2607 per share to all shareholders of record as of December 23, 2016. Your Fund’s distribution policy is to provide investors with a stable quarterly distribution out of current income, supplemented by realized capital gains and, to the extent necessary, paid-in capital. The Board has determined that the annual rate will be 8% per annum, payable in quarterly installments. While NAV performance may be indicative of the Fund’s investment performance, it does not measure the value of a shareholder’s investment in the Fund. The value of a shareholder’s investment in the Fund is determined by the Fund’s market price, which is based on the supply and demand for the Fund’s shares in the open market. The stock is going forward its fifty-two week low with 10.74% and lagging behind from its 52-week high price with -19.84%. IRL last month stock price volatility remained 0.94%.


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