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Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) Aims To Move Up Release of High-Volume Production Of Its Model 3 to 2018

Tesla Motors, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) [Trend Analysis] regains street interests, as shares build up 2.36% on Monday and it traded at $220.28.  Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) reported that it has surprised divisions makers with aims to move up release of high-volume production of its Model 3 to 2018, two years earlier than planned – an acceleration that supplier executives and industry consultants said would be difficult to achieve and potentially costly.

In the previous three months, Tesla (TSLA) has told suppliers firm was doubling its original production projections to 100,000 Model 3s in 2017 and 400,000 in 2018, several supplier industry executives familiar with the plans told Reuters. Details on Model 3 production projections have not been reported previously, and Tesla did not break out target volumes for the Model 3. Tesla has taken 373,000 orders for the Model 3 – which has a starting price of $35,000, about half its Model S – and has said it would begin customer deliveries in late 2017. But it has made no promises, and, on earlier models, customers waited months for delivery.

Moving toward technical analysis, the current ratio, or the liquidity ratio of a company was calculated 1.00 as compared to its debt to equity ratio stands at 3.26. This is an important indicator as a higher ratio typically suggests that investors are investing more confidently as compared to companies in the same industry has lower ratios. When calculating in the EPS estimates for the current year from sell-side analysts, the Price to current year EPS stands at -193.60%. Investors looking further ahead will note that the Price to next year’s EPS is 337.31%.

For current month, 1 analyst from pool recommended for an “overweight” rating, while 8 gave rating of “Buy” and 3 analysts suggest to “Hold” and 4 gave preference to “underweight,” according to research rating by WSJ.

While alarming thing to be notice is price target, the average pool price target for TSLA has been mentioned as; 500 tends to high price target, medium level touched to 269.00, and 150.00 was assigned as lowest share price targets. To accommodate all of these, average analyst price target appeared by 276.47, where as the current price is 220.28, as per research conducted by WSJ.

As for as concerns shares volumes, in share capital Tesla Motors, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) has 130.86 million outstanding shares among them 104.87 million shares have been floated in market exchange. The firm’s institutional ownership remained 70.70% while insider ownership included 0.30%.

The stock showed weekly upbeat performance of 6.10%, which maintained for the month at -11.28%. Likewise the positive performance for the quarter recorded as 23.93% and for the year was -10.32%, while the YTD performance remained at -8.22%.


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