General Motors Co. (GM) Rental Fleet Sales Sliding to Lower Levels

Fleet sales are normally believed to dent vehicle manufacturer profits. Rental fleet sales declined into the similar category. Individual purchasers normally pay more money as compared to corporate ones. In view of all this, General Motors Co. (NYSE:GM) indicated another signal of inventory tussles in December. And it is a move the auto firm possibly had to make as its distended car lots consumed into its capability of generating cash flow. The concern most likely prolonged into this year.

For the month of December fleet sales amid GM brands moved up 43% to 69,125. Sales to rental car fleets moved up twofold to 42,716. GM’s part of the daily rental market in December came in 42%. Its share of the local car market is almost 18%. GM has declined production because of overfed inventory, especially for passenger sedans and coupes. At the conclusion of November, GM had 874,000 vehicles in inventory, an eight-year peak. The condition has pushed GM to decline portions of plants and shed jobs.

Mary Barra, chairman and CEO at General Motors, talks about product development, her guidance for the firm under the management of President-elect Donald Trump, and advancement on self-driving vehicles. ”


GM also declared intentions to align production result with demand for cars constructed at the Lordstown, Ohio, and Lansing Grand River, Michigan, assembly factories. As the customer deviate from cars to crossovers and trucks is estimated to persist, GM would delay the third shift of production at both plants in the initial quarter of 2017.


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