Facebook Inc (FB) and Google Makes Way in Most Popular Apps List; Says Nielsen

Social networking giant Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and search tycoon Google-owned apps received the first eight positions on Nielsen’s 2016 top ten list of apps with the highly average monthly users, according to TechCrunch, giving yet another bit of proof that we are present in a digital media world controlled by two parties: Facebook had three apps on the list.

The major Facebook app arrived in first once again, with above 146 million average unique monthly users, higher 14% from previous year. Messenger arrived in second spot with 129 million monthly unique, and Instagram in eighth, with the latter having runaway user growth at 36% more than previous year.

Google also showed promising results. YouTube, Google Maps, Google Search, Google Play, and Gmail got 3 to 7 positions, respectively, on Nielsen’s list. Most of these apps are utility apps, with the exclusion of YouTube and (to such extent) Google Play, showing that this is a category where Google excels.

Some other top companies apps like Apple and Amazon also made in to the list. Apple Music was in ninth place, and its 20% on annual basis user growth is evidence to the app’s increasing popularity, particularly with Spotify staying unranked on Nielsen’s list. More extraordinary, though, is the Amazon App’s 10th place finish and astounding 43% user growth since 2015, mirroring the surging consumption way of mobile shopping.

Facebook and Google’s supremacy on Nielsen’s list strengthens the concept of a digital duopoly. Each of these firms blooms in different categories. Facebook in the social category, and Google predominantly with utility apps, and in media with YouTube and Google Play. The nonappearance of a third competitor in the social media arena is profound with no Twitter or Snapchat imminent, but Apple and Amazon give hope for higher rivalry against Facebook and Google’s dominance.


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