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China Plans to Release on 2018 ‘Core Module’ for Space Station

On Thursday, A senior official told state-run Xinhua news agency that China will release a “core module” for its first space station around 2018, division of a plan to contain a permanent manned space station in service about 2022, according to Reuters.

China’s advancing space program is precedence for Beijing, by means of President Xi Jinping calling for country to establish itself as a space power, and separately from its civilian ambitions, Beijing has tested anti-satellite missiles.

China persists its space program is for peaceful intentions, but US Defense Department has highlighted its surging space capabilities, declaring it was pursuing activities planned to prevent adversaries from using space-based assets in a crisis.

The Chinese word for galaxy or Milky Way, Wang Zhongyang, spokesman for China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp, told Xinhua, “core module” for the space station would be called the “Tianhe-1”.

He said, “Two space labs will be launched later and dock with the core module, Tianhe-1,”. “The construction of the space station is expected to finish in 2022.” It gave no details of what the “core module” would consist. “If the International Space Station, which has extended its service, is retired by 2024, China’s new space station will be the only operational one in outer space,” Wang added.

On 2016, China will release Tiangong 2 and Shenzhou 11 spacecraft, which will carry two astronauts as well as dock with Tiangong 2, Xinhua added. Coming year, China’s first cargo ship, Tianzhou 1, will effort to dock with Tiangong 2.

Wang added that China also aims a space telescope similar to Hubble Space Telescope, which will “be on a separate space unit and share orbit alongside the space station. Xinhua, in a separate report, said China was also working on its own reusable rocket technologies and has already built a prototype model. “The experiment has laid solid foundation for the realization of reusable rockets in the country,” an unnamed source told Xinhua.

China has been touching to develop its space program for military, commercial, as well as scientific offers, but is still playing catch-up to established space powers U.S. and Russia. China’s Jade Rabbit moon rover landed on moon in late 2013 to great national fanfare, other than soon began experiencing severe technical difficulties.

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